Sikri Technical Training institute is managed by the Board of Governors, appointed by The Cabinet Secretary in charge of Education. The B.O.G. provides leadership in; policy direction and ensures that the institutes programmes and activities are in line with its mandate and set objectives.The principal is the secretary to the Board and executes all policies in line with the institute’s core mandate. The principal is assisted by the deputy who is in charge of the day to day activities of the school, all the non teaching staff and implementation of the curriculum. The heads of departments reports to the deputy principal.

The institute has made the following achievement:-

  • Completed construction of six classrooms, a hall, kitchen and 2 dormitories
  • Increased enrolment from 6 in 1970 to 100 in 2015.
  • Posting of 17 teaching staff by The T.S.C as at May 2015.
  • Increased number of support stafffrom one support staff in 1970 to 22 in 2015.
  • Established good working relationships with the local Community, the Government of Kenya, the Teachers Service Commission, and the Catholic Diocese of Homa Bay, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, the CMM brothers, CBM, Safaricom Foundation, Sense International among others.
  • Established follow up program that ensures the former students are placed and offered extension services.
  • Established infrastructures that enable it cater effectively and efficiently for 100 persons living with special needs in its quest to meet set objectives. This includes 20 acres under cultivation, a dairy unit of 17 cattle, a poultry unit of 1000 birds, a piggery of 100 and a herd of 50 sheep, notwithstanding a 1000 capacity fish pond and a greenhouse.
  1. 1.3.2        Challenges

Sikri Technical Training Institute has experienced some challenges in the provision of its services. These include;-

  • Insufficient funds for infrastructural development.
  • Inadequate teaching staff
  • Fluctuation in enrolment due to a high drop out rate.
  • Inadequate teaching and learning resources
  • Inability to pay institute levis  by most parents